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reduce office electricity bills


With all the lighting, air conditioning and computer equipment to run, office buildings can be electricity-draining powerhouses that require a large portion of budget just to run. Here at The Energy Desk we’re passionate about helping companies reduce their electricity usage to minimise their environmental impact and energy costs. We’ve ... Read More
commercial electricity contract


Here at The Energy Desk we pride ourselves on being an end to end energy management company that is platinum accredited by all UK and ROI energy suppliers. Unlike most other companies we are completely impartial and boast no allegiance to one sole supplier, meaning we find you the most ... Read More
Reduce Commercial Electricity Bills


Large businesses and corporations that use a high amount of electricity can benefit from choosing the right electricity supplier more than anyone. Minute differences in rates can add up to a substantial difference in cost when dealing with large volumes of electricity, which is why The Energy Desk offer a ... Read More
compare commercial electricity prices


As an independent energy management company The Energy Desk is ideally placed to compare electricity prices for individual business requirements. Whether you’re an intensive user or a small business that would like a flexible option to pay for electricity, our energy specialists can compare commercial electricity prices to ensure you ... Read More
Reduce Commercial Electricity Bills


At The Energy Desk we offer a wide range of commercial electricity procurement services to help businesses of all sizes reduce their energy bills. From comparing prices from energy suppliers to implementing optimisation or alternative technology, there are a variety of ways that businesses can easily reduce their electricity bills ... Read More
energy intensive users compensation scheme


The Energy Intensive Users Compensation Scheme was launched by the government in 2013 to help offset the rising cost of electricity for intensive users that the increases will affect the most. The scheme has been designed to help prevent carbon leakage – lost investment through the rise in energy prices. As ... Read More
demand response


Demand Response is a scheme that is open to all UK businesses with a Half Hourly meter or a CHP system. Offered by the National Grid, it is paid to businesses that voluntarily reduce or stop energy usage at certain times ... Read More


It’s estimated that UK energy prices could rise by 47 percent by the year 2020, an EEF survey has found. The projected price hike could put many businesses under pressure to move business abroad as energy costs eat into company profits, while others say they will be forced to cut ... Read More