Flexible Electricity Purchasing

Flexibility electricity purchasing was introduced after the 1998 market crash. It allows businesses to trade, fix or sell energy in order to spread the risk of energy purchasing. In the current volatile energy market, flexible purchasing offers more control and management of your market price risk and allowing you to spread risk over a number of purchasing decisions throughout the duration of your contract.

Why Purchase Electricity Flexibly?

Unlike fixed products, which only provide your business with one purchase decision for the duration of the contract, flexible solutions allow you to spread purchasing decisions – therefore spreading the price risk, regardless of how the market moves.
At The Energy Desk we offer a variety of flexible electricity purchasing solutions which are dependent on annual spend, consumption profile and appetite for risk. These can range from simple trackers to fully flexible solutions giving a platform to buy and sell energy back. Our aim is to work within or help you to devise a risk strategy to suit budget and risk appetite.

Free Flexible Purchasing Reviews

If you already have a flexible purchasing solution we offer a free review of the management charges and hidden margins that could be in your contract. We helped one customer save over £150,000 on management fee negotiation alone! This free flexible contract review is available for contracts over 6Gwh.
To book your free flexible purchasing review or for more information about the solutions we offer, please call 08458 389 830.

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