Multi Site Electricity Suppliers

A multi site electricity contract allows businesses that have 5 sites or more to reduce energy costs. By combining the power needs of each site into one comprehensive electricity contract you can minimise administrative tasks and achieve significant savings over purchasing energy for each individual site. With a multi site electricity contract there is only one contract to monitor and keep track of, rather than a separate contract, end date etc. for each site your company owns.

Benefits of Multi Site Electricity Contracts

In addition to less administrative duties, a multi site electricity contract gives you the opportunity to purchase energy at the best price. At The Energy Desk we analyse and track the market’s peaks and troughs to ensure we can advise you on the best time to purchase electricity – up to 2 years in advance.

A multi site electricity contract is ideal for companies that spend a significant amount on energy. In many cases the more electricity you purchase the more you save, and with The Energy Desk’s supplier tendering services you can be assured you’ll get the very best deal.
Existing Multi Site Contracts
If you already have an existing multi site electricity contract the TED team can assess how much it is saving you and if there are any more beneficial deals on the market to help you save even more.

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Whether you want to know more about how a multi site electricity contract could save you money or want to see how your current contract is working for you. TED’s free health check will help. We will assess your current electricity usage, your total site requirements and annual spend. We will then tender your electricity requirements to 15 UK suppliers and negotiate the best price to suit your needs.
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