Commercial Electricity Supplier

The Energy Desk is an end-to-end energy management company that specialises in energy procurement to suit your individual business requirements.

The Energy Desk can negotiate your electricity requirements with over 15 electricity suppliers in the UK to find you the best deal.

We have already helped over 20,000 businesses purchase their commercial electricity from both the half-hourly and non-half-hourly markets, sourcing the most cost-effective deals to help them achieve significant savings on their electricity bills.

In addition to finding the best commercial electricity deals, we can also offer valuable advice on industry trends and market timing. In these volatile market conditions we are committed to helping you to get a better understanding of when is best to purchase electricity – reducing risk in the future.

The Future of Electricity Contracts

Already, numerous green taxes have been imposed on commercial electricity contracts and companies are facing increasing pressure to do everything possible to reduce electricity usage. With this in mind, it is in your company’s best interests to reduce electricity costs and usage to protect against further taxes and policies that are likely to be introduced in the future.
TED will make recommendations to help you achieve cost and energy savings; these recommendations are completely impartial and are only presented after extensive research and tendering your requirements to UK commercial electricity suppliers, including specialist ‘green’ suppliers.

Find the Right Commercial Electricity Supplier

Choose The Energy Desk to tender your commercial electricity requirements to suppliers across the UK. Our impartial advice, industry experience and network of electricity suppliers ensure we will source the most cost-effective deal for your business needs. And if you choose to implement any of our recommendations you can make even more savings!

Book a Free Electricity Health Check

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